Essential Body ColorsTM

Body colors are your exact hair, eye, skin, and *blush colors made into a custom fan. Hair colors (including highlights and variations) are ideal for coats, suits, pants, shorts, shoes, and boots.

Eye colors are gorgeous for earrings, necklaces, suits, sweaters, jackets, tops, scarves, pashminas, and dresses. Skin colors and their variations are great for choosing skin toned undergarments (they disappear) and for choosing powder and foundation makeup.

'Blush' colors are your optimal red range for blush and lip colors. When you repeat your natural visual design in your clothing, and complimenting make-up you intensify and celebrate your unique coloration. The results are beautiful. Included is a make-up tutorial, with hair and make-up products to compliment your Essential Body ColorsTM.

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La-Brasiliana Certification Workshop.

La-Brasiliana Certification is FREE. You pay for the Salon Starter Kit on the day of certification. All kits include professional and after care products.

La-Brasiliana Certification workshop duration is from 2- hours to 4-hours, depending on experience. This workshop leads to certification to use and maintain the La-Brasiliana Keratin Treatment with Collagen. The workshop is broken down into two sections, with a 10-minute break between them.

Section 1: Product Knowledge, which includes customer consulting techniques, and how to price your services appropriately.

Section 2: Application and Certification allows you to practice using the product on a live model, be coached (if needed) on flat iron styling techniques so that your client, leaves your salon perfectly styled.

Call 978-749-2717 to book your Certification.

Make-up Coaching and Make-up Application.

This is a highly personalized, coaching session, and is a hands-on, "how to" for your face.

We begin with a make-up bag clean out. Followed by preparing the face, discussing the look you would like to have and how to achieve it.

Make-up Artist, Sophia Alexander, a David Nicholas Trained Professional, will guide you, build your confidence, and help you along the way to creating a polished look.

By the end of the session you'll feel comfortable to use what's in your makeup bag in a different way. Together, we'll share the opportunity to learn, receive feedback, and to practice in a safe environment.

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Teen Coaching.

This is hands-on, "how to" for hair and face.

You will learn how to determine your skin type. How to clean the face, perform a basic facial and how to prepare the skin for make-up application.

You will also learn how to determine your hair type. How to clean the hair, how apply hair-care products to protect the skin, and how to dry, blow-dry and flatiron your hair without causing damage.

This workshop is led by a our Cosmetology Instructor and Make-up Coach.

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For more information call DoveTail Beauty Connections, 52 Main St., Andover, MA 01810. Tel: 978-749-2717.